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2017 Sales Tech Report

CITE Research, on behalf of SugarCRM, conducted a survey among 400 sales executives. Download the report to discover what tools were deemed as most important for optimizing the consumer experience as well as what leading technology stacks look like for a modern sales team.

Download the 2017 Sales Tech Report

Survey Highlights

The results indicates a modernization of sales culture where using tools to gather, analyze and share data is much more important than wining and dining potential clients. Organizations are willing to spend money, but many are in the experimental phase.

How Do You Increase Effectiveness?

The modern sales team utilizes a wide array of tools to be more effective, ranging from smart phones to collaboration tools to web meeting platforms. A CRM system is the most used and the most valuable tool, more often than smart phones or laptops.


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What Tools Are You Considering For Future Use?

The industry is most interested in new tools that help them gather data, save time and be more productive.

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What Are Barriers To New Technology?

As expected, cost is the top barrier to deploying new tools for sales team. Some also cite organizational resistance, complexity, no need, lack of awareness of benefits, security concerns and/or lack of senior level buy-in as reasons they do use more tech tools.


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