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CRM is a long term relationship

It’s not exactly, “Till death do you part,” but it’s close. That’s why you need to go in with your eyes wide open. Don’t go throwing your heart away on the first CRM that comes along. Or the one that seems to catch everyone’s eye. You need a CRM that will treat you right.

Here are 5 things you better think about before getting into a Salesforce relationship you will regret.

Don't settle. You can do better.

Shouldn’t your CRM provider be a company people rate “In a class by itself?” Sure, a lot of people have chosen Salesforce, but we’re pretty sure it’s because they just didn’t know they could hold out for something better.

• Recently PCMag surveyed their readers to see what they thought of CRM vendors. The result: SugarCRM beat everyone, including Salesforce, hands down. According to PCMag, SugarCRM was in “a class by itself” compared to the competition.


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Shouldn't you be able to support your whole business?

With Salesforce you have to buy multiple “clouds” and development platforms to support sales, marketing, and service people. This increases complexity, cost, and time-to-market for your users.

• With Sugar, you get one fully integrated platform with functionality to support marketing, sales and service teams. All for one low price.

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Do you have any idea how much this is going to cost?

Chances are you don't. On the surface, Salesforce pricing looks straightforward. But did you know it takes a 48-page handbook to describe all the limitations and up-charges? These add-on charges can easily double or triple your real cost.

• No one provides the level of functionality, reliability and support as Sugar at such a low total cost of ownership.


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Don't you want a CRM that will adapt to your needs?

Customization and mobile extension with Salesforce is a time-consuming and costly endeavor. It requires integrating, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Exact Target/Pardot, Radian6 and now the new Lightning Framework adds even more complexity. That makes maintaining customizations during upgrades and routine maintenance a real nightmare.

• Sugar lets you create any number of custom modules and applications (including mobile apps) with no additional fees. And a single, clear code base makes customization a much simpler process.

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Does deployment really not matter to you?

How you deploy your CRM should be up to you. With Salesforce, there is no choice. Your apps and data are in Salesforce’s proprietary cloud environment, and that’s the only option there is. Once deployed, you can never port your apps and data off of the system. That’s it. Locked in for good.

• Run Sugar on your own servers and on any number of private and public clouds. Deploy any way you want and change your deployment any time you need. Don’t assume you have no choice because Salesforce doesn’t offer any.


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