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Break away from the run-of-the-mill CRM solutions and dare to be different. Enhance your business communication challenges in a new, more intuitive way with the Sugar Productivity Suite. With Sugar, growing your business exponentially is as simple as handing your team the tools to work more efficiently, be more customer focused and sell faster.

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Boost your business.

The same old tired solution isn’t always the best solution. This is where SugarCRM comes in. Whether you’re a small business with big dreams or a big business wanting to do things differently, SugarCRM helps you adapt, learn and lead at pace, staying ahead of the competition.

Save time

Save time

Streamline your systems with an effective, guided sales methodology.

Save money

Save money

Cut down people hours with automated handoffs and approvals between individuals and teams.

Data quality

Data quality

Build a stronger business with Sugar’s fast, lean system, giving you access to all the information you need, on any device.

Buy yourself time.

14% - Shorter sale cycles
17 min - Per lead saved via Hint
26.4% - Increased of productivity

The Sugar Productivity Suite saves your business time. Sugar guides your sales reps step-by-step through what actions, milestones and activities need to be completed next, so nothing is missed. The Sugar Productivity Suite also offers beautiful, customer-centric progress maps, while cutting research and maintenance time, meaning more time is spent getting to know customers personally, and less time is wasted wading through an outdated system.

The Solution is Sugar.

Sugar is for the disruptors, the innovators and the visionaries. Sugar offers an industry-leading customer experience, a simple interface and an intuitive customization platform. Customers’ expectations are higher and competitors are stronger, so don’t get left behind. Make the switch today.

  • Clarity
    Present your organization’s sales flow visually to your team, guiding them seamlessly to success.
  • Simplicity
    Easy-to-use templates and automated workflows lets your team know what needs to be carried out, when and by whom.
  • Quality
    Flexible platform that’s cutting edge and easy to navigate, furnished with instant, rich customer data. Sugar reduces manual errors while boosting productivity.
  • Trusted
    Deployed by 2 million individuals in over 120 countries, and PC Mag Business Choice ‘Best CRM Software Award’ for the fourth year running, the only CRM software that readers ‘would strongly recommend to their peers’.

See for yourself.

The Sugar Productivity Suite puts the customer at the heart of your business. By reducing the amount of time wasted doing unnecessary research, and confusion as to what’s next, Sugar guides the user through the sales process easily, in a revolutionary way.

  • Sugar Enterprise:
    • A complete CRM solution helping you to grow sales, differently
    • Delivers effortless customer care
    • Allows you to run more effective marketing campaigns
  • Hint:
    • Significantly cuts down call preparation time
    • Gathers data from a broad range of external sources
    • Provides the user with customer contact and social network information
  • Customer Journey Plug-In:
    • Embeds your organization's sales processes visually
    • Offers users an interactive, clearly defined customer-centric process map

The Success Suite

$85.00per user / per month

You're gonna love it.

5 stars
Solves Problems!

With Customer Journey, we have found the missing piece of the sales puzzle.

Fredrik Hugosson
Global CRM Manager - Roxtec International
5 stars
Saved so much time!

Customer Journey is built around a well-organized logic that helps us simplify how we handle different customer processes and action points.

Tore Søgård
Head of IT - Geno
5 stars
Super organised and clean!

Sugar has helped us break down silos. Advertising and subscription sales have clear, consistent processes and are able to work in unison with clients.

Charlie Gunningham
CEO - Business News

5 stars

More Time With Customers!

If all your sales people are free to sell instead of updating data, they can put in 25 percent more time with customers.

Daniel Tronolone
IT Director - TengoInternet

5 stars

Automation Saving Us Money!

The regulatory standard operating procedures were paralyzing and costly. Using Sugar for automation, we removed that problem.

John Millis
IT Director - Cells4Life

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